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A Heritage

May 17, 2012

We celebrated her birthday together. Family. Family has a way of remembering and adding and growing more and more into a circle. We came together to celebrate family.

But somehow–somehow–it was this little guy that put the icing on Andrea’s cupcakes!

…And we did have cupcakes–!

…And pie!

Allen had his first taste of whipped cream–and if you haven’t already guessed…

The center of attention was Allen–

The heritage this boy has — starts with his Great Nana and Pop–Andrea’s grandma and grandpa Leslie.

and…his grandpa Leslie.

And of course–Lindsey will always be watching over him with his Grandma Sandy.

This boy will have a lot of accountability in his life–from his Aunt Sharon and Uncle Jim and Aunt Bethany–to his new cousin soon to be born. The family grows…

This boy really doesn’t stand a chance…his (not so great) Nana and Papa-and Uncle Adam and Aunt Catie–will be watching out for him too.

Adam promises to tell him about John 3:16 and to teach him some baseball.

And just because I could post a hundred and one pictures of these two–“Allen, you have a Heritage indeed!”

Psalms 16:6

The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.

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