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Gone Fishing

January 9, 2012

We are at our home away from home-it is amazing and dream-like to wake up to sunshine everyday. I love my home state from about April-November and even a while into December–but then somehow she turns into this dark place where the sun only makes a rare appearance. This is the sunshine state.

We have this great dock off the back of the house on a canal. There are a lot of canals here-last year we fed an Alligator(I know-I know-we’re not supposed to do that)–and this year–it is fishing-no alligators. It first started out as a casual affair. A little fishing here and a little fishing there with complaints that there must not be any fish in there. I would lecture about patience and try to teach a life lesson-but experience is the best teacher.

After this catch-things have become more heated around here.

My Hero-also knows how to filet a fish-among all the other things he knows! My girl wanted to watch-but it was her beloved fish he was dissecting–but she did manage to video the whole thing.

This was her first bite of her beloved catch–

And then her reaction to the first bite! Not so much loving her first catch. But…

…My Hero and I thought it was the best fish we had ever eaten–nothing like fresh fish–
*For anyone interested-we believe it was a large mouth Bass–at least 2 feet long–

Every-time I turned around this dock was getting a work-out. Fishing-Fishing-Fishing…

And this one time there was this fish on the line that was huge–we were in strange territory here–you never know what you could catch in South Florida–there could be a gator on the line–the pole bent over–

But…we are pretty sure this was just a Carp–we call those junk fish in Michigan. It was fun to catch–but this fish was one of those that got away–it was too big to pull up–and the string broke…

No fish dinner for tonight–but I am sure when I ask where the kids are-I will hear, “GONE FISHING”!!

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  1. January 10, 2012 10:30 am

    We only live 25 miles northeast of Galveston Island, but I so wish I had a weekend house on the beach… that picture of her first bite, priceless! : ) That first photo is gorgeous and what a fabulous job on the food photo. Those are always a bit tricky for me.

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