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December 31, 2011



The word ‘hitherto’–is a look into the past for me.  A lingering on the events over the past year that are now gone.  I can look back with gratefulness to a year full of God’s graces and mercies.  I tend to swing here and there-as do most people who live in this body of flesh.  I can look back at times of sickness and see God’s healing hand and gentle touch of guidance when I have gone out of the way.  In my trials and in my triumphs-the Lord has been right by my side.  He truly is my very best friend.  I can look back down memory lane and see his lovingkindness and faithfulness.


This has been a year of changes-and I am so grateful also that hitherto–I did not stay stumped and without growth.  The growth at times was painful.  The growth at times was glorious-the most glorious is knowing I will be a Nana soon–my son-and his wife-will have a son.  That changes me inside.  I see that all my hopes and dreams and all the toils of raising children is to see them raise their own children-and because of the toil and the pain and the growth and the hopes and the fears-all that I loved-all the prayers will be passed on now.  My grandson will be raised-and prayed for and hoped for and toiled for-in the hopes that his life will glorify God.

So–this year doesn’t mark an end because ‘hitherto’ also points to the future–more toils, more strength, more battles, more victories, more prayers, more trials, more temptations, more victories!


Is it over now?  There is more yet–He who has helped me hitherto will help me on my journey all the way through–

So to these children(sorry Jenna, you left too soon)–we toil, we pray, we hope, because the joy that is yet to be fulfilled is our hope in you.  Glorify God with your lives–for your joy and the joy of hitherto-yet to come–it is He who will help you–hitherto.

“Hitherto hath the Lord helped us” (Samuel 7:12)

*my thoughts on a devotion by Charles Spurgeon

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  1. January 3, 2012 2:14 pm

    Beautiful thoughts
    to welcome the
    New Year. Sending
    you many joy-FULL

    xx Suzanne

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