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Gone to the Birds

June 22, 2011

Spring is now in the past. The days are now getting shorter. Where has time all gone?  It was cool all the way up until mid June.  Rainy days and some very stormy nights.

The roses are all in full bloom.  The pots all planted and watering just begun.

The pool is really warm.  It has been a retreat on those few very warm days-

The garden is all planted and growing.  Mixed with tomatoes and peppers-all for salsa!

The strawberries all picked.  Now only frozen or jarred-or from California or Florida.

The worst of all is baseball is winding down.  One more night of baseball and we will be done.  So sad.  I love baseball.

And a season of softball in the books.  I loved watching my girl grow more confident in her skills this year.  She was a young one on the team-but she learned to slide and play as a team.

The first of my Porch Birds-grown and gone.

The most elusive of them all-my Bluebird.  So shy and cautious.  I have longed to have them near to watch-

But-only had its house as a decoration on the porch.  Not on a post facing the East in full sunshine-up 6 feet in the air-along a field fence row-No my house in place in a shady spot right on my porch.  With me sitting there every morning-rain or shine.

Then I saw her one day-as I sat on my porch-she was nesting in this house!

I watched her and him every day then I saw the baby-out of her nest-wanting to be off and fly-and then one day they were all gone.  Moved to a nicer neighborhood-I’m sure.

This Momma Robin is the only one left of my Porch Birds-

And she is still sitting on her nest-her babies almost ready to be gone as well.

My spring is finished and summer is on her heels with warm air and some sun along with the rain-

Where oh Where has my spring gone?

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  1. June 22, 2011 10:45 pm

    Love the picture of the strawberries, but wow I’m so partial to the birds. I’m a bird person to the core – I used to have eight birds at one time! (pets) Love the one of the bluebird on the porch and the robin in her nest….I was taking a break from looking over almost 800 (yes, don’t laugh) pictures I took at the beach the other day for Friday and was checking my e-mail . . . let’s just say we are on the same wave length this week with our titles!! lol

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

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