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My Budding Photographer

November 22, 2010


We gave her a real camera for Christmas last year. Of course, as with anything new, she could not get enough of her camera. She would watch everything that I did and would mimic my vision and my eyes when taking her own photos. I really thought it would go on her dresser until a birthday or another holiday would arise. No–I do believe I have a budding photographer. She takes her camera with her wherever she goes. I really didn’t notice until she told me her 4 GB memory card was full–today, I downloaded all of her pictures over the last year into her own folder. She misses having them on her camera to peruse whenever she wants–but she is so happy to be able to take more pictures–I want to share some of her talent.

This was her first picture–straight out of the camera–we decided to change the settings on her little Nikon CoolPix–This is her sister, Jenna.

She saw me take a zillion pictures of things around the house-she thought this was normal. Really-it’s not normal. Only a blogger takes pictures like this–a zillion of them anyway.

More blogger pictures–maybe she is a budding blogger!

This seems to be more normal–a portrait of her favorite doll. Yes–this is normal.

Her favorite cousin.

She took great pictures when we went to Florida–she even stayed true to the rule of thirds!

She took great nature shots.  She has an unhealthy fear of storms…hmmm…wonder where she got that from….She caught this beautiful rainbow after we were driving in a really bad storm.  I think her camera became her shield that day.

This is a great shot from under our deck-she took lots of pictures of these baby birds.

This is a candid shot of her sister, Jordan, at one of Adam’s baseball games.

I love this picture of Adam–she has an eye for the creative.

She can even take Macro pictures.

I think this wedding may have been her favorite time to take pictures–she had way too many!

This is her try at night photography–a recent camping trip with Dad.

She knows her camera records memories. Even at the age of ten, she has a sense of nostalgia. Our dog, Duke, was very sick a couple of weeks ago. She wanted to record some last pictures of him. In her mind, this was how she was holding onto his memory. I am happy to record that Duke is fine now–but she will have this memory of when she thought she was losing him.

She became really good at the art of Self Portrait.

And at times, when you are a photographer, you must be brave and battle all odds for the great shots.–I would not come near this hornets nest she found in a tree–she captured it perfectly–

I like it that she takes pictures of what is important to her–this is her favorite sister-in-law–ok–well–her only sister-in-law–but, she loves her like she were her favorite!

And her brother, first thing in the morning.

This is her hand at food photography–the making of a cookie monster–her favorite!

I am not really sure why she took this picture of her spelling words–hmmm….

I love it that she takes pictures of things that are important to her–but in a very unique way.

This is one of her most recent pictures of me. I have found out that she takes way too many pictures of me. She says it’s because I am never in any of the pictures and it is her job to make sure my picture is taken. Now–that is a true photographer. I can’t wait to see what the next year of pictures holds–I may have to put another memory card in her stocking.

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  1. Anne permalink
    November 22, 2010 4:31 pm

    Loved seeing these. Kristen keeps asking for a camera, a “real one Mom, not a kid one” she says. Catie has a great eye. What a blessing to be able to capture moments of history. It was a photographer who kept on snapping during the sinking of the Zamzam, a ship my grandparents were on in WWII, that allows me to have a peek into what their life was like on the German raider & prison ships. I hope she (& you) never lose the thrill that comes from preserving memories through photography!

  2. Cathy McNabb permalink
    November 22, 2010 5:04 pm

    Sami has asked for a DC for her birthday this year, I love photography, just my ADD keeps me from getting good at it. LOL

  3. November 23, 2010 10:07 am

    What a treat to be able to see
    what speaks to your little one
    through the pics that she has
    taken! I can see that the apple
    hasn’t fallen far from the tree….
    xx Suzanne

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