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Only Twenty-Four

November 15, 2010

You entered into this world clear and strong.  All 9 pounds 13 ounces of you.

I remember that day 24 years ago.  It doesn’t seem that long.

You were my first.  The first of everything.  The first to have colic-the first I rocked to sleep singing Christmas songs-because they were the only sweet songs I knew.

You were the one who was always so curious.  Never accepting a closed  door or cabinet.  You grew to science experiments with anything you could find.

Your love of learning surpassed anyone I had ever known.  I would smile with such admiration as you took the World Atlas to bed at night.

You loved speeches by Churchill and current events around the world-and you were only 10.

In your early teens-you heard the voice of God.  You were listening-your heart knew just what He wanted from you.

I again smiled with admiration at your devotion to never turn to the right or to the left-you kept your eyes straight on.

You had times of struggle with all that you believed-but you sought the truth-and always seemed to find it.

You are stubborn and forgetful-the only two faults I can see.  Your stubborness is part of your strength and your forgetfulness…endearing.

You went off to college-me wondering how you would stand.  You not only stood-but you stood strong.  When others around you were falling-you took hold of the One who could keep you.

Because I knew who was holding on to you-I learned to let go-my heart still attached-but trusting-because you knew the truth.

Then-you met her.  The girl of both our dreams.

My heart still attached-but now to both of you.

A son is amazing-and Dustin-you most amazing-thank you for your love-and most of all thank you for your trust-

Trust when I didn’t always do things right-

Trust in He who does all things right-

Happy Birthday-my (and Andrea’s) Dustin-Happy Birthday

*His birthday was actually yesterday

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  1. November 16, 2010 10:30 am

    Vonda, so often I read your
    posts and feel my eyes prick
    with tears. My boy as the
    same faults as Dustin: stubborn
    and forgetful!!! But, we love
    them in spite of those things….
    and even come to find them
    endearing {I’m not quite there
    yet ~ he’s just 12!}. I could just
    feel your love jumping from the
    screen. Happy birthday to
    Dustin and to his proud mama!
    xx Suzanne

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