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September 20, 2010


We have owned this particular Subway restaurant for 4 years now.  Don’t you just love Subway?  Anyway, this store was in a not so nice neighborhood in Battle Creek.  It has been a very busy store. 

Everything my hero touches seems to turn to gold.  He has this business brain that amazes me.  He knew this store needed to be moved.  Yes, moved–not remodeled–moved.  The parking lot was a mess and way too small.  The building was just an eyesore and there was nothing you could do short of knocking it down and rebuilding.

My hero had his mind set on moving.  He knew the spot he wanted.  He drove past it nearly every day–he started praying and asking for this spot.  The problem–there was another sub-shop there already–and when I say sub–I mean under par–it was a Blimpie.   He continued to pray for that spot.  It was right across from a large softball complex–it was a newer building–it had a great parking lot–he prayed.

I do believe God answers prayer.  I believe He answers intimate prayers.  Some close God in and say He would not care about a Subway.  It wasn’t just a Subway.  It was God answering a prayer of a man whose heart is devoted to Him.  That Blimpie went out of business–I feel kind of sorry for the Blimpie.  Little did they know my hero was praying. 

Things started to happen.  Not fast enough for my hero.  He knows what he wants done and when he wants it done.  It is hard for him to stand by while things are not moving.  He had to continue to pray.  The whole process was drawn out–from securing the lease to the whole building of a new Subway.  The building had to be gutted–there was a mouse infestation–every wall was torn out–bathrooms gutted and everything brand spankin’ new.  What a process.  Signs moved-coolers moved-food moved–all in one day.  The old store closed on a Tuesday and the new store opened on Wednesday at noon! 

The result is amazing!  I love this industrial style.  Everyone who comes in is in awe of the transformation.  It was a long haul–but it is so good to see the final product. 

So–go out–Eat at Subway–and if you are in the area of NE Capitol across from Bailey Park–stop in.

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  1. September 20, 2010 3:34 pm

    Great looking restaurant
    and sounds like a perfect
    location! Wait until softball
    season and all of those hungry
    players come looking for their
    dinner. Way to go : ) !
    xx Suzanne

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