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His Birthday

August 5, 2010


He is eleven today. 

Happy Birthday, my dear boy. 

He is growing when I want to cling to his baby hands.  A man he is becoming.

Where did the past eleven years go?

You were born in our hearts and entered there so easily.

You are still that same baby boy; just growing and being moulded like clay.

Your strength is amazing; both inside and out. 

I love how much you love sports and learning.  You have an amazing sense of responsibilty. 

I see the change day by day it seems.  You grow to love God more and more.  You don’t shy away or grow cold.  You will never give up.

I worry sometimes that you are too strong.  You ask for help with this, I know. 

And when I look back on all of your ways, I am reminded of clay that is changed into a vessel that will be used. 

You were born in our hearts and you changed us that day. 

We are better because of you. 

You remind us to laugh.  You have hopes and dreams I admire.  Can I be the President?  Does Romania need missionaries?

Your seriousness will be an asset someday. 

You are neat and organized.  Even when you were two.  How do you do that?

Happy Birthday, my sweet Adam


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  1. Andrea Speckhals permalink
    August 5, 2010 12:23 pm


  2. August 9, 2010 1:26 pm

    Happy Birthday to your
    sweet Adam! My baby
    boy is turning 12 in October.
    He’s not as serious nor
    as organized as yours,
    but I love him just the
    same ~ laughing and
    messy and just all of
    his “boy-ness!” Hope he
    is enjoying these last
    weeks of summer ~ and
    you, too, Vonda!
    xx Suzanne

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