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A Sneak Peek

March 15, 2010

This is when it started. 

 We had this amazing window in the basement.  The rest of the basement is finished off nicely.  Then we have this room with the amazing window

It is taking shape quite nicely.


We do have bedroom furniture.  I even picked out the bedding. 

 We affectionately call this new room “Dustin and Andrea’s room”.

 And they are coming in 10 days!  (Shhh…don’t tell Lindsey, it is a surprise)

It is really sad that I only have this picture of them.  They have not been home since they eloped and ran off to Pennsylvania.  (ok, so they didn’t elope, and they didn’t  run off to Pennsylvania)  Who runs off to Pennsylvania anyway?  It was all very organized and very planned.  And they are living happily ever after. Visit them at Be Instant

I can’t wait ‘ til they are here!  I’ll be sure to show off the finished room. 

This is my inspiration for the accent color.  What do you think?



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