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Tis the Season…

November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving is past and my normal is to wait a couple of weeks before I allow the Christmas spirit to invade me.  It is too late now.  We spent Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania with my son and his wife of 6 months and now I am singing Christmas songs in my head!  It is contagious.  Or as my munchkins call it ‘catchy-ta-gious’.

Andrea is so excited about Christmas.  She loves every tradition about it; the Christmas songs, the Christmas cookies, the decorations, the tree, the hope of the first snowfall…and the most important thing…the Greatest Story Ever Told…the Good News…Jesus Christ was Born.  There is a reason for all of the joy in my heart and Christmas is an expression of all that joy that is there year-round.  A reason to tell others of The Hope.  A reason to get excited! 

It’s not the presents.  It is the joy of giving.  Now I have 25 more days to enjoy this season.  I can plan how to celebrate why Jesus came to this earth.  To seek and to save that which is lost…there are people out there searching, yearning for peace.  I am an ambassador.  I am to bring that peace to those I meet. People are so much more open to the Greatest Story at this time of year.  What a great way to take advantage of soft hearts.  Now to plan…I am not always creative, but I am so hopeful God will direct my path this season.  From the Greeter at Wal-Mart to the grocery store Clerk to the person who rings the bell (another of Andrea’s ideas).  I will share what has been so freely given to me.  The Greatest Gift.  The gift of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord. 


So today, I give Thanks to Andrea!  It is okay to be so excited about Christmas.  I love all of the traditions and I am even ready for some snow!  I won’t hold back anymore and wait just because I was afraid of the commercialism invading me.  I will be bold and shout, ‘I LOVE CHRISTMAS’…

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  1. anspeckhals permalink
    December 1, 2009 12:31 am

    Yes, Merry Christmas! This is convicting and encouraging to celebrate Christmas for the main reason (Jesus Christ), and to seek every means of sharing Him! After all, this opportune time comes only once a year, and lasts only a few weeks. You put me to thinking…maybe I need to do another “Thirty-day Challenge” for December!
    It was a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

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