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Remembering Ellen

October 12, 2009


It seems to be a melancholy day.  It is cool and cloudy and first and foremost, it is a Monday.  I tend to reminisce on days like this.  Last night after church, we headed off to the intramural basketball game for our church’s local college.  My memory went to last year watching Child #1 play his last game…watching with Ellen.  Ellen is the mother of my daughter-in-law.  She died in March of this year.  I miss her.  I know there are so many others that knew her so much better than I…but I miss her.  More than I should for someone I knew for such a short time.  I find myself thinking of her in the middle of the day.  I want to share so much with her.  I wanted to share the joy of Dustin and Andrea’s wedding in May.  I wanted to share in the joy of their first apartment and laugh at their funny antics together.  I want to share Thanksgiving with her…I want…I want…She protected me.  She wanted me to be strong in Christ; to resist all lures from the world and get closer to the God she came to cling to in her final days.  She spent some of her last days worrying about me and my life.  I miss her today.  There were 2 young ladies at church that became engaged over the weekend…I remembered our night together when Dustin and Andrea became engaged.   I prayed for weeks that she would be well.    It was amazing…and we shared it together.  I am so thankful to Ellen.  She gave me Andrea…and a precious memory of a woman whose life counted…for Christ.



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